Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reflective Beginnings For The Week @JagudEye Speaks: Self Love + EMPOWERING OTHERS = World Love

I am ALWAYS seeking new ways to grow and manifest into an even greater version of myself. From better health, mental wealth, ways to help EMPOWER and INSPIRE others around the world. Elevation and improvement ON ALL LEVELS- should always be a priority for those who seek to have a positive impact on the WORLD. What one knows now- should never be all he/she knows in life.  The key to wisdom is to KNOW that a man will live his entire life- LEARNING- yet still- he will not know all that there is to know in his ever-changing environment. Growth is imperative. 

When seeking to SHINE YOUR LIGHT on others, a certain level of love for yourself must be apparent and always present. Despite what is going on in your life-- you should always see a hidden treasure in each experience no matter how it 'seems'. I work hard everyday to make HUGE- POSITIVE changes occur in my life daily-- but if I were to have to cease for whatever reason-- I am in love with the woman I have become and know that I AM ENOUGH and can still help someone through. Because of that- I will always share the great things that have came to pass in my life. Most fall short of themselves because they seek to change and when it doesn't happen the way they plan-- they die inside and feel as though they have nothing to share with the world because they haven't 'made it' to their destination. WHAT IF YOUR JOURNEY IS WHAT SHOULD BE SHARED INSTEAD OF THE FINAL DESTINATION?!?!  

Just a thought for the week. These are just my ramblings I chose to share with you. To each that I've reached- you are appreciated- to those I haven't YET-- there's more to come....

Wishing you the best of the best and ONLY the best!


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