Natural FOODS: Healing

Feel free to click on the any image or link on this page to be directed to product or services. On this page I have listed 10 of the best foods for healing and health maintenance. If you're not already eating some of them- try switching out other foods you normally eat and slowly incorporate them into your diet for best results.  Here's to a happier- healthier Mind, Body and Soul!!!

(1) To lift your mood: Lentils -Your brain needs folate to synthesize serotonin and dopamine, and research reveals that people with depression often have insufficient blood levels of folate. To get 90% of your day's worth, work a cup into lunch or dinner. Also good for: Blood sugar control, digestion

(2) For sturdier bones: Tomato sauce - Giving the banana a run for its money, 1 cup of tomato sauce serves 17% of your daily quota of potassium, which supports your skeleton by buffering acid that can leach calcium from your bones. Also good for: Cancer protection, heart health

(3) To manage menopause: Baby spinach - Extra pounds equal more hot flashes, according to a large 2012 study in the journal Menopause. But women who lost 10% of their body weight eating a fruit-and-vegetable-rich diet reduced—or eliminated—hot flashes and night sweats. Researchers speculate that extra body fat can hinder the release of heat from the body. If you want to lose weight, pile your plate with spinach. With only 7 calories per cup, these little leaves make it easy to nail several veggie servings in one sitting. Also good for: Bone health, cancer prevention, depression, heart health, weight loss

Health Blue Energy Blend by BHIP GLOBA Natural Energy Fitness Dietary Supplement(4) To protect your heart: Unsweetened cocoa - Cocoa is a superstar source of flavonols, which relax arteries and reduce blood pressure. Mix some into yogurt for a healthy kick. Also good for: Brain health, insulin sensitivity

(5) To prevent cancer: Watercress - Give broccoli's cousin a go for a strong dose of glucosinolates, plant chemicals that may protect against breast, colon, and lung cancers. Also good for: Supporting immunity, bone health

(6) To fight type 2 diabetes: Buckwheat soba noodles - A half cup of buckwheat flour packs 50% of your daily dose of magnesium. That's a boon for type 2 diabetes prevention: People with low magnesium are more likely to develop the disease. Also good for: Digestion, heart health, sleep

(7) To keep your mind sharp: Extra virgin olive oil - People who follow an EVOO-rich diet are 40% less likely to develop Alzheimer's, possibly because the oil's polyphenols protect brain cells from free radicals that lead to memory loss. Also good for: Cancer protection, heart health

(8)  To eliminate insomnia: Tart cherry juice - Swigging just 1 ounce twice a day can help you sleep more soundly, according to a 2012 European Journal of Nutrition study. Tart cherries are one of nature's sources of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle. Also good for: Gout relief, preventing metabolic syndrome, easing sore muscles

(9) For a happier gut: Ginger - For centuries, Asian cultures have used ginger to relieve nausea and aid digestion, and modern science supports the tradition: Ginger may speed food through your intestines, reducing stomachaches. Also good for: Arthritis relief, cancer protection

(10) For more energy: Low-sodium vegetable juice - A healthy shortcut on especially busy weeks, these genius juices pack vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, beta-carotene, lycopene, and fiber.

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