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Asking Higher Self Questions; How to Become Infectious In 21 Days!

PROMISES RENDERED: The Awakening of the Navigator

Chapter 5:  Asking Higher Self Questions; 
How to Become Infectious In 21 Days!
By Kandayia Ali

I know the one thing that stays on the mind of a person who is in pursuit of total oneness and happiness from within at first, is finding and keeping track of ways to be and stay on a positive platform. This is the most challenging because we tend to go through so many different emotions and events in a day.  It seems impossible to have all that going on without going mad- even temporary insanity will seem like a sane solution.

Most of us who know how it feels to battle with this issue can relate to the complexity of keeping our minds neutral and our tongues peaceful and sound. At first, you’re always one second from telling everyone who steps on a nerve to go to hell- and if they need your assistance with a kick in the ass, you’ll be more than glad to give it.  

Trust me; there is no need for all of that and to prove it- I propose a challenge that can and will work for anyone who is dedicated to making positive changes in their lives. The Higher Self Infestation is what I call it! How does it work? Most of the time we seek resolution and we are told to start with ourselves because ‘we hold the answers to all our and any problems that arise in our lives’. This is true. BUT; What if I told you that sometimes, we don’t ask ourselves the right questions, therefore we receive the craziest if not the totally wrong answers- FROM OURSELVES...  OR the part of ourselves that we channel in to in order to find the best resolution to our disposition.

Weird huh?!?! Yeah, it seems that way- but if you ask yourself ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ you’d get a whole different answer than ‘who let the damn chicken out in the first place?’ One wouldn’t matter so much because a whole new issue would be resolved. I know I sorta’ messed up a perfectly classic joke- but it’s the principle that I hope you get over the slaughter. (Smiles)

OKAY, BECAUSE I LOVE GETTING DOWN, DIRTY AND TO THE POINT—to the challenge. I dare you to do the following:

Step 1 Eliminate ‘Reminiscing’ Over the Wrong Shit:

That’s right- for twenty one days- work on eliminating the NEED to tell others about the crazy shit you have been through. Especially, if it’s negative- and you’re not going to be featured in any history books from sharing it. Grow from it, move on.  Sometimes, that’s all the Universe needs to hear in order to halt your progress. Think of it as you’re way of saying ‘I don’t care about my future because the past bull matters more.’ You can’t move if you’re chained or bound to anything that doesn’t permit freedom to make the necessary movements and changes for self- growth and improvement.

Step 2 Choose To Ask Some Cool Higher Self Channeling Questions:

Point blank, sometimes the question shouldn’t be “Why was I made differently?” Instead, the true question is “What is it that makes me unlike anyone else?”

Below is a list of Higher Self questions that will make you take your thoughts deeper than surface revelations about yourself and the world around you.  Choose as many as you like or make up some of your own once you get the hang of it and repeat them to yourself every morning before you interact with anyone for 21 days. This action will cause you to have conversations of a different nature with yourself if you aren’t having the already; this can also strengthen the bond we all need with ourselves in order to channel into the world of positive self-talk.  See, for a change- talking to yourself isn’t as bad as others make it out to be. You’re not crazy… I promise; unless, you choose to answer to it.

 Your premade questions to ask out loud to yourself would sound like:

1.       Have I introduced my new self today to my old self from yesterday?
2.       Have I evaluated my actions and re-evaluated the outcome I desire to achieve as a result of my actions?
3.       Are my actions intentional? Are they effective? Are they infectious?
4.       Did I surrender to discomfort knowing that it brings about change?
5.       Am I willing to leave my comfort zone in order to establish new ground and happiness in my life?
6.       Am I pursuing my goals with the full knowledge that any goal I choose to reach can be made so?
7.       Have I eliminated sidetracking activities and habits that can hinder progress and success?
8.       Have I been in this situation before- if so, was I successful?  If not, what can I do better to change the outcome this time?
9.       What can I change? Why do I feel a need to?
10.   Have I surrendered to all that cannot be changed?
11.   Is the negative situation REALLY NEGATIVE? Could it be that my perception of and energy towards the situation be truly what’s affecting the outcome?
12.   Am I as great a person as I claim to be? How so?
13.   Am I as great a person as others perceive me to be? How so?
14.   Am I living in the moment?
15.   Am I a faithful contributor to the positivity, progress and prosperity found in others?
16.   Am I a true blessing to others? How so?
17.   Is the voice of GRATITUDE activated and speaking inside of me daily?
18.   Do I speak through my inner energy or outward carnality?
19.   Do I speak life, growth and love into existence?
20.   Is the pursuit for true “wisdom” one of my ultimate goals?
21.   Is the pursuit for true “universal understanding” one of my ultimate goals?
22.   Do I listen to understand? To over-stand? To inner-stand? To accept? To surrender to?
23.   Is my blueprint clear to me and able to be followed by or reproduced by those who wish to follow me?

REMEMBER: Make sure you answer the questions you choose to ask yourself!

 I wish you the best of luck on completing the 21 day challenge. Once you notice the changes in yourself- others will take notice as well and this energy will spread like a holographic epidemic. Give it a shot! Remember, if things aren’t the way you desire them to be in your life, change it; if you can’t change it- change your perception… Surrender to all that you can become!

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