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If you want to get back with your ex, here's how! by Justin Sinclair

Have you broken up with someone because of a misunderstanding, an argument, or over something that really shouldn't have caused a break up? Cause if you are then I can understand wanting to fix your relationship even if you had gotten pretty upset with them. There are a few methods you can take first is the active version and after the passive version.

Now to take the active approach and if your ex is willing to talk then this method should be the most straightforward, but if the heat of the last argument hasn't cooled down between the both of you then it most likely will lead to another word fight. First, come to understand what the argument was about. Then, if the argument is something you regret and that you truly want to get back together then you need to express that with your ex. Now, they might not want to talk to you and still feel upset, but you should kindly tell them that the argument went way out of hand and anything you said wasn't how you really felt and that you would want to possibly talk things over with them. Having sincerity in your words is far more important than pride at this point, but if they won't give you time they certainly don't deserve your attention.

Next we have is the passive method this one focuses solely on self evaluation and to get your ex to look at a fresh you. This one is probably the better option for both you and the entire relationship. The reason I say that is because if you look from how you were before, during, and after the relationship you gotta make some decisions based on how you feel towards yourself. Are you happy with who you are now? If not then you should choose this option, not only is it possible you'll catch your ex's attention, but you will feel better about yourself along with it. The steps for this method is easy. First, try changing your hairstyle to something you normally don't do, but look good with.

HowToGetExBack.comNext, spice up your wardrobe with something new for instance try different colored shirts that might bring a different feel that isn't usual for you. Now, the next step should be easier and something you need to think about less before doing and that would be to just hang out with your friends or some new companions and just enjoy yourself. Now the final step after separating any sad feelings and partly moved on from your ex if you still want to get back together. Talk to your ex with that new found confidence and bright appearance they just might jump at the chance to get back with you. This might make you happy to realize that your hurt feelings from the past are still there and the only reason your standing there now is because of how you feel towards them.

If you can't get past all of the drama with your ex they might not be worth it and then its time to move on and if you take the passive method you will most definitely come out with less scars and a lot more hope for future relationships that you can work on with them and even decide some things up front to prevent past problems to reoccur. I hope my insight is useful for many situations and even help those that need to move on, because there is no fix all answer.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reflective Beginnings For The Week @JagudEye Speaks: Self Love + EMPOWERING OTHERS = World Love

I am ALWAYS seeking new ways to grow and manifest into an even greater version of myself. From better health, mental wealth, ways to help EMPOWER and INSPIRE others around the world. Elevation and improvement ON ALL LEVELS- should always be a priority for those who seek to have a positive impact on the WORLD. What one knows now- should never be all he/she knows in life.  The key to wisdom is to KNOW that a man will live his entire life- LEARNING- yet still- he will not know all that there is to know in his ever-changing environment. Growth is imperative. 

When seeking to SHINE YOUR LIGHT on others, a certain level of love for yourself must be apparent and always present. Despite what is going on in your life-- you should always see a hidden treasure in each experience no matter how it 'seems'. I work hard everyday to make HUGE- POSITIVE changes occur in my life daily-- but if I were to have to cease for whatever reason-- I am in love with the woman I have become and know that I AM ENOUGH and can still help someone through. Because of that- I will always share the great things that have came to pass in my life. Most fall short of themselves because they seek to change and when it doesn't happen the way they plan-- they die inside and feel as though they have nothing to share with the world because they haven't 'made it' to their destination. WHAT IF YOUR JOURNEY IS WHAT SHOULD BE SHARED INSTEAD OF THE FINAL DESTINATION?!?!  

Just a thought for the week. These are just my ramblings I chose to share with you. To each that I've reached- you are appreciated- to those I haven't YET-- there's more to come....

Wishing you the best of the best and ONLY the best!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Conquer The Battle Of The BULGE From The BINGE With Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations!

Let's Jump Right In!!!
When you have "convenience" food bombarding you from every direction, it can be difficult to choose options that give your body the nourishment it needs.

However, if you have daily reminders and effective tools at your disposal, you just may find that eating the right foods and feeding your body the best fuels becomes a lot easier.

Of course, there will always be temptation, but when you equip yourself with anti-temptation tools, you will be able to quickly re-focus your mind on your greater goal of getting healthy!


Using Affirmations to Make the Healthy Food and Nutrition Choices
When everyone around you at the office is indulging in burgers, fries, and sugary drinks, it's awfully tempting to join in, isn't it?

But what if you could stop that temptation in its tracks and actually choose to make a healthy choice? You don't need me to tell you that fatty and sugary choices are not the kinds of food that your body needs - you need to tell yourself!

It can be hard in moments of temptation to make the right choice, but with the help of positive affirmations, you can re-train your brain to replace the desire for junk food with healthy choices.

Affirmations can help you stick to your diet, say no to temptation, and eat nourishing and satisfying foods. How? By replacing the negative spiral of thoughts in your mind with powerful, positive ones.

But first you have to believe that it is possible to gain control over your thirsts, desires, and cravings. The first step in making a lasting change in your life is to make the commitment to success. Are you committed? Do you believe that you can overcome your cravings?

Once you've set your commitment in stone, you're ready to learn the top 10 affirmations to get you through moments of weakness.

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations
Before reading the list below, you should know that affirmations are most successful when you internalize the saying and repeat it frequently. Whether you're having a good or bad day, you need to be constantly repeating these positive statements in your mind. Temptation will strike when you least expect it, so it's better to be prepared!

1.      I can neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living.
2.      I am proud to reach out to my support network instead of leaning on food for comfort.
3.      I am losing weight for me because I love me.
4.      I set aside time just for me.
5.      My good health and productivity are the rewards for the nourishing foods I eat.
6.      Weight gain happens over time, so my weight loss equally requires time, patience, and lifestyle changes.
7.      I use self-care, not self-control.
8.      The more I take care of myself, the better I feel.
9.      I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.
10.  I deserve a healthy body and mind.

In Conclusion....

When you look at these food and nutrition affirmations, they may seem like ideals - behaviors and thoughts that you only wish you could have - but each time you reaffirm them by saying them aloud, you're slowly changing your mindset. Over time, these ideals will become a reality through your thoughts and actions.

But remember, you must first believe you can change. Once you make the commitment to your success, you will change your attitudes about food and you'll be thankful you did!

Monday, March 17, 2014

2 Weird Ways To Make Him Feel Impulsive Love For You!

Step 1 - Become emotionally in-tune with him.
If you ever want a man to feel a deep intense, almost addictive love for you, then you need to become emotionally in-tune with him. What do I mean when I say emotionally in-tune?

I basically mean that you have to connect with the emotional part of his mind rather than the logical part. Most women don’t get this; in fact, most women dress sexy, cook great meals and try to logically convince a man to like them. But that doesn’t work because they’re missing the most important element of the puzzle.  That element is “EMOTION”.

Have you ever seen a woman who can make any guy go absolutely crazy for her and do the dumbest and sometimes even embarrassing things to please her? And at the same time have you ever seen a woman who does everything right, yet she is never able to get the love or attention she desperately desires from her man?

What is the difference between the two?

The woman in my first example understands the critical concept of becoming emotionally in-tune with a man and as a result, she is able to make a man literally dance to her tunes, while most women try really hard yet struggle. Bottom line is that you will always struggle with men unless you become emotionally in-tune with them, if you don’t get this, then you are only spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. I’ll show you a ridiculously easy way to do it in a moment, but before that let me give you the second step.

Step 2 - Establish yourself as a valuable asset in his mind.

Why are diamonds so valuable? Is it because they look pretty? Is it because they’re expensive? The fact is, diamonds are valuable because they’re rare and not easy to acquire. They’re perceived as something very valuable. In order to make a guy go almost nuts about you, you need to present yourself as a super valuable asset, exactly like a diamond. You need to position yourself in a way, that he would be absolutely scared to lose you and would even fight to keep you for as long as possible.

You see, something weird gets triggered inside a man when he knows that you’re this valuable asset. His animalistic instinct awakens and he feels a strong inner drive to protect you, fight for you and never let you go. Every guy is a born hunter, they all have a hunter instinct embedded deep within their subconscious mind and this only awakens when a woman presents herself as this special prize to be won. During this process, a man can’t help but act on this instinct and will chase you as hard as humanly possible.

In fact, he will feel absolutely lucky to have you around him and will even value whatever time and attention he gets from you. So now you must be wondering, how do I do it? Here is how, follow this link below...

Why Do I Have Stretch Marks & How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

I have went through a major transformation in my life. Since September of 2013 I have went from weighing in at 189lbs down to 135lbs. Over the last 6 months, I have watched my physical appearance change before my very eyes- as well as the eyes of friends and family. The one thing that I have also seen happen with my skin's texture is for it to darken in certain areas of my body. Mainly on and around areas that have stretch marks. If you're like me- you love the weight loss, but the sagging skin, discoloration,  former cellulite deposit spaces and stretch marks could drive you nuts! Being age 37 right now doesn't make it any easier either!  I'm learning about new ways to resolve these issues, things to eat, drink and use on my skin to naturally camouflage, reduce- if not get rid of these hideous 'war wounds' of weight gain/ loss. Read below some of the tips, tricks and awesome ways to work on those critters- giving you elastic, vibrant, healthy skin. 


Why Do We Get Stretch Marks 
Stretch marks may appear on the skin when it is suddenly stretched. They occur in the dermis (middle layer of skin), which supports the epidermis (outer surface of the skin). People often ask the question - why do we get stretch marks? Here are some of the main reasons:

Growth Spurts
The dermis consists of strong fibers that link to one another. As your body grows, these fibers allow your
skin to stretch. But, if a certain area of the body grows rather quickly within a short time period, the fibers can get thinner and overstretched resulting in breaking down.

The skin develops tiny tears and shows the blood vessels just under the skin where the fibers have broken in the dermis. This is precisely why stretch marks appear reddish in color when they first materialize. The blood vessels will eventually contract leaving only the fat visible under your skin. In time, the stretch marks will fade to a gray or silvery white color.
Luckily, not everyone develops stretch marks. One possibility could be that some people are more prone to getting them due to the fact their bodies generate more of the hormone, cortisol, than others. Cortisol significantly decreases the collagen levels in your skin, which is the protein that gives your skin elasticity in the skin fibers.

There are many other factors that can cause stretch marks or increase the chances of someone developing them.

Fast Weight Gain
Someone who gains a substantial amount of weight within a short period of time may suddenly discover they have stretch marks. Unfortunately, even if all the weight is lost the marks may still remain.

Yo-Yo Dieting
If you regularly diet and your weight is constantly going up and down, stretch marks may appear.

Pregnant women have a much higher chance of developing stretch marks. Hormones produced in the body while a woman is pregnant contribute to making the ligaments in the pelvis more pliable so when the time comes to deliver the baby they will stretch more. However, these same hormones also work to soften skin fibers, which can increase the chance for stretch marks.

As the baby continues to grow in the womb, the pregnant mother may notice stretch marks developing on her abdomen as the skin is progressively stretched more and more. Also, a pregnant woman’s breast and thighs get heavier and bigger. Therefore, stretch marks may develop on these body parts as well.

Younger people have a tendency to grow fast during puberty, some more than others. Growth spurts are common during puberty.

During puberty, males frequently develop stretch marks on their backs and/or shoulders, while females are prone to getting them on their breasts, thighs, and hips.

Cushing’s Syndrome
Cushing’s syndrome happens when the body makes too much cortisol, the same hormone that makes certain people more likely to develop stretch marks than others.

Cushing’s syndrome produces various symptoms due to the excess cortisol the body produces including:

- significant back pain
- excess facial and body hair
-weight gain

Cushing’s syndrome may produce very prominent stretch marks that are very noticeable and darker in color.

People who use corticosteroid medications such as lotions, creams or tablets for eczema may find they develop stretch marks more easily.

Corticosteroids work much the same way as cortisol, which is naturally produced in the body. Corticosteroid medicines can alleviate the inflammation that skin conditions cause, but they can additionally diminish the levels of collagen in the skin as well.


How Do You Get Rid of Stretch Marks 

Many people wonder how do you get rid of stretch marks? When the body suddenly changes in size during such times as puberty, a pregnancy, or rapid weight gain, stretch marks can develop. 

Statistics show that 90% of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks on either their abdomens, thighs, or hips. Unfortunately, evidence shows that genetics play a part as well. Therefore, if your mother developed stretch marks, the odds are against you.

On a good note, there are many things that can prevent stretch marks from ever developing along with diminishing how both the old and new ones look. Review some of the following helpful options. They are listed in order from the easiest to the most difficult to implement.

Proven Topical Options
Try using a moisturizer daily. A study performed comparing herbal-rich moisturizers revealed that people who used lotion everyday showed a substantial improvement in their skin’s elasticity and appearance. When the skin is fully hydrated, the chance of it tearing and producing stretch marks greatly increases.

Another study performed by a major university suggested that people who regularly applied Retin-A on their fresh stretch marks noticed a huge improvement in their skin. Retin-A is believed it to boost the skin’s collagen production, increasing the elasticity and therefore avoiding tears.

Note: if you are pregnant or nursing do not use any products that contain retinoic acid since it can potentially produce birth defects.

Glycolic Acid
Glycolic acid can increase collagen production when used on stretch marks making the skin more elastic in general. Since it’s an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), it’s considered a member of the same family of compounds typically used for chemically peeling the skin.

Glycolic acid may be purchased over-the-counter and is safe to apply during pregnancy. You may obtain a more powerful dose prescribed by a licensed dermatologist for a more extreme treatment.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E oil is thought by many to be a miraculous cure for stretch marks. Evidence shows that it works better on women who were previously pregnant rather than as an effect agent used overall.

Natural Essential Topical Options
Try using essential oils. They can be applied directly on the skin, or use a carrier such as an unscented moisturizer or organic coconut oil to make them easier to apply. Here are some common oils for addressing stretch marks:

Laser Treatment Alternatives
For new stretch marks, utilize a vascular laser (pulsed dye laser). This kind of treatment can eliminate the preliminary redness and works best on newly developed stretch marks.

Be aware that vascular laser treatments are not as effective on dark skinned women. Similar to hair removal, the procedure works better when there is a significant contrast between the skin’s pigment and the target (stretch mark).

Surgical Alternatives
Some people desire a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). A tummy talk is virtually a sure thing when it comes to getting rid of stretch marks since it literally cuts them out. It should only be used as a last resort when nothing else has worked. 

Anyone who gets a tummy tuck should expect a long recovery. It may require up to four weeks off work and another six months until the area is fully healed.

How To Detox Your Body For Better Health

It is a must to detox your body these days. A detox program enables you to cleanse your body of harmful chemicals that build up and result in many different diseases. Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, kidney problems, and fatty liver deposits are just a few of the conditions that have been blamed on toxins. Click here to find out more info and get started!

Harmful toxins come from our environment – pollutants from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the products we apply to our skin.  The food we eat is also a source of toxins, like the pesticides that are used in the vegetables and the hormones, antibiotics and other medicines that are injected in the meat and poultry. These are just some of the sources of harmful toxins that enter our bodies.
Although your body has its own detoxification system it cannot cope with the amount of chemicals that we are bombarded with every day. This is a major reason why it is a good idea to take steps to detox your body, to get rid of these harmful substances and eventually optimize your health and well being.
To detox your body, it is important remember that the goal is to help the body in its natural function to detoxify and eliminate toxins via the bowel, the urine and sweat. Planning to detox your body will mean undergoing a special diet regimen that will help support the detox organs.
This diet should include:
  • High fiber – fiber provides bulk in the stools, prevents constipation and promotes regular bowel movements. Dietary fiber helps to prevent diabetes, lowers blood cholesterol and risk of heart disease. It also gets rid of harmful toxins which cause colon cancer.
  • Organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed for detoxification and a great source of antioxidants that acts as the body’s cleansing agent.
  • Increased consumption of clean pure water to help the kidneys flush out toxins.
The ideal way to detox your body is to start avoiding sugar, processed foods, junk food, fatty food, red meat and alcohol. You should also gradually reduce coffee if you drink a lot of it and replace with herbal teas, green or white tea and pure water.
At the same time you should increase your intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, whole grains, beans and lentils. Then, you can start a week of more intensive detox. Eating abundantly foods that are fresh and organically grown, consume lots of fluid, and avoid eating processed food.
Contrary to what you may think you don’t have to starve yourself or eat unusual foods when you detox your body. Simply changing the way you eat will give your detox system a chance to work better.
Discover more about how to detox your body in The Definitive Detox Diet Plan by nutritionist Sandy Halliday. She recovered her own health with detox and has coached clients to achieve their health goals for over 20 years. Click here to find out more info and get started!

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If you’re into self-help, you would realize that there are thousands of products out there that range from hypnosis to subliminal technology. So it’s completely understandable for anyone to dismiss Brain 2.0 as just another run-of-the-mill self-help product lost in the thousands of products available in the market out there.

But that’s where you would be mistaken.

Brain 2.0 is the brainchild of Greg Frost, a guru in the self-improvement field who has already released hundreds of products into the market since his foray in the self-help business years ago. With Brain 2.0, he’s gone a different route compared to his other products that are based on subliminal technology. That’s because this time round he has integrated his proprietary brainwave entrainment technology called MAX-TREX into the Unlimited Brainpower MP3, which is just one of the components in the Brain 2.0 system.

What the MAX-TREX technology does is to basically trigger a process in a person’s brain that’s called a Cortical Evoked Response, which enables users of the MP3 to enter states of heightened cerebral activities and unleash various mental capabilities that they wouldn’t normally have access to. These can range from greater intelligence, to enhanced memory retention abilities, or even hyper awareness of the environment around them.

This brainwave entrainment MP3 could arguably be the main selling point of the system, as it has proven to be the most effective tool within the Brain 2.0 package. Dozens of satisfied customers have attested to the MP3’s effectiveness, citing that they’ve seen results in just one or two weeks of continuous use.

The other components that make up the Brain 2.0 package happens to be a very detailed eBook, and an accompanying process map that summarizes the main subjects addressed in the eBook. While comprehensive, concise, and a very interesting read, I personally preferred the Ultimate Brainpower MP3, because I’m not an avid reader. But for those of you who do love to read, you will find that the Brain 2.0 manual eBook is a very interesting read that you may find extremely beneficial once you’ve applied the concepts taught.

If you’re as keen as I am about self-help, then Brain 2.0 is definitely one self-help product you’ll regret missing out on.

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When To Multi-task & When Your Focus NEEDS FOCUS! - By Kandayia Ali


Have you ever heard of the ‘Muti-tasking virus’? Did even you know that scientific studies show that checking your email while performing another creative task decreases your IQ IN THAT MOMENT- by 10 points? That is equivalent of not sleeping for a total of 36 hours; and it also has twice the effect of smoking marijuana on a person’s mental state. Are you with me yet? Stay focused long enough to keep reading and this should article should help...

Okay.....LET'S MOVE ON....


Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, you will produce your BEST RESULTS when you are able to consistently focus on the HIGHEST PRIORITY ACTIVITIES IN YOUR LIFE. Know when you must detatch from ALL DISTRACTIONS in order to handle the important matters in your life FIRST. Sometimes this requires removing yourself ‘physically’ from others in order to gain the peace of mind it takes to actually work on your goals. Shut off your cell, no phone calls, no emails, no facebook or other social network alerts, no daily distractions that usually occur in our everyday lives that would ‘slow up’ the forward movement in goal achievement. Instead find ‘your center’- go to the library, your secret place to think and work or even the house of someone who ‘gives you the space and encouragement to create’. These are places to relocate to when you’re at a vital stage of life planning, no matter what kind it is. The objective is to be able to ‘breathe’ when you need to put a large amount of focus factor towards any plan for your life’s journey.



Discipline is the KEY ingredient to ALL FORMS OF SUCCESS. The more you stray away from useless and inopportune scenarios in your life, you have then increased your chances of being the best at what you do. Having the discipline it takes to achieve a goal- means training yourself to perceive your life differently. You begin to see your accomplishments as a way of empowering yourself to have a life of more freedom and free will to do other things. FUN THINGS! If you are all over the place with your thoughts and life patterns, you tend to put the wrong things into perspective first and will always end up on the losing end. Once you have set your list of plans for your life based on their importance, you find that it takes less time to meet or even exceed those goals, with more than enough time to spare. Do what the hell you want then. (smile) It’s your time to unwind and re-engage socially with others around you. The word DISCIPLINE to some means ‘oh hell- I have to be put on a no frills ride without a scenic view’. This is totally contrary to discipline’s purpose in our lives. Once discipline is placed in our lives, we can potentially ‘see’ an opportunity in all things and also in our spare time- research and find new and exciting things to do. Once you have your current life under control, you can then add to the already cool mixture of yourself-- new and often creatively extreme things. 


What is the one thing out of six human faculty characteristics that could totally cripple any ideas a person may have? A MAN’S WILLPOWER. Yes, your lack of WILL or WILL POWER can damage your chances of success on every level. Your will is the ability to sustain focus on one item at a time and to remain with it until the item has come to a full success in YOUR life. Like wanting to take Spanish- you know that you want to do it- hell, you’ve signed up for the classes. Then as Spanish gets easier, you ‘feel’ like you need more of a challenge and then decide to take on a French class. The objective should have been to MASTER the Spanish class FIRST- no matter how easy it seemed. After that has been done, then become a master in French. Now, you’re stuck with two sets of homework, constant studying for tests and French has become more difficult to take on due to Spanish finals. See how you just made your own life- hmmmm difficult? Now comes the frustration and constant thoughts on quitting because you don’t really have the time to put in the work it takes master both at once. 

In all decision making, YOU MUST PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY. Never look at new goals that you set as ‘easy breezy’ but as time consumers that you may not have the time for -- at the time. Even though Spanish is a breeze for you now, use the spare time you have to go ahead of the class a little or use the spare time left in your day to reward yourself for being such a bright student. Find a new spot to hang out with your friends, you know LIVE a little! The key is to BALANCE the WILL POWER mechanism inside of you. Not over burden yourself for no reason and find yourself out of balance and over-stressed in your life. Your WILL is a mental muscle that you must grow and strengthen. Always make sure you’re at a healthy balance in your life to achieve this. Just as if you were working out to strengthen body- your will needs proper nourishment and downtime. You don’t LIVE AT THE GYM- so shouldn’t live at your job or become so overly obsessed with a goal being reached that you forget that you need to break away for family time, a date night, a brisk walk in the park or the beach, to play your favorite video game for a ‘couple’ hours or to explore yourself for new discoveries.

SQUIRREL!?!?! Oh, false alarm. I must be distracted...



Distraction is a self-inflicted form of destructive behavior. When wanting to focus on any goal- all things that aren’t important to the task at hand should be eliminated. Whatever you need to focus on at that moment should be your only priority. Not every moment of your life- but just for the time you have allotted to work towards goal achievement. Don’t feel bad if you can’t take that call, or text back, or read the email I sent you-- do that in your spare time. Those who are goal oriented just as yourself will understand and even share an encouraging word because they UNDERSTAND what it takes to be the best in order to achieve success!

Pace yourself, because if you’re anything like me- going hard for two hours straight without my mind going astray seemed almost impossible at first. I was just ‘tempted’ to do things all the time. Right in the middle of a project - I’d want to play therapist and resolve every issue my children had or play referee over senseless bickering; go and check my inbox or see who ‘liked’ my posts for the day; to even check to see what someone else posted or tagged me in was BAD a habit of mine. When in actuality, none of that mattered at the time. Meeting my goal’s end is, was and should have always been most important. I recommend that you take a block of 30 minutes a day for a week, for those who have the discipline and focus issues as I did. After a week, add an extra 15 minutes a week until you can put in all the time necessary to accomplish your goal without self-inflicted distraction-based behavior. The only multi-tasking I’d encourage is in your spare time, try to learn how to pat the top of your head and rub your stomach at the same while chewing gum and talking on your cellphone. Once you’ve mastered that- find out more about yourself and your endless capabilities!

Enjoy Your Journey!!!
Kandayia Ali  -  ONE SKY

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Question Of The Day...

Are you doing exactly what you think you were put here on Earth to be doing?

Could This Be YOUR Destiny?!?!
Hmmmm?.... If you are, then Kudos - directly from me to you. You're a champ. However... If you think you might NOT be doing exactly what you were meant to be doing on this earth, I've got a little surprise for you today.

I am going to show you the secret to discovering your true mission here on Earth (and also why you haven't been as successful in your career as you want to be yet)... Open up the door and a whole new look at endless possibilities by clicking here: it'll be worth it. I Promise!     :-)  -One Sky-  (-:

Wealth and Happiness Actually Has a Blueprint

The human mind is an amazing machine and is capable of some miraculous feats that confuse the most learned scientist. We know little of the mind, except that it is powerful and we don’t tap into its full potential. There are plenty of people who are interested in uncovering the truth about the mind and utilizing its full power. There are a corresponding number of self-help books available on the Internet that claim to allow access to these hidden depths – but most of them fail to deliver on their promise.

But here comes Greg Frost and his latest book, Mind Secrets Exposed. This book is a great tool for anyone who wants to enhance their mind and the quality of their life and the best part is that this book works. Mind Secrets Exposed is filled with comprehensive information on how the mind works and how one can tap into its potential. Greg Frost also provides great techniques and strategies for accessing the full power of the mind, from visualization to focusing exercises, allowing the reader to accomplish anything they want.

The book comes in the standard e-book format, as well as an audiobook, for those who want to access the contents on the go. Each chapter focuses on a different part of the mind and how to fully utilize that function to achieve success and accomplish goals. The end of each chapter is capped off with exercises and guides, providing the reader with several ways to apply the concepts discussed in the chapter in real-life. These efficient guides add practicality and applicability to the theories found in Mind Secrets Exposed.

Beyond the book itself, Mind Secrets Exposed also comes with Quick Wealth System and Success Monthly. The first is a simple guide on how to easily and efficiently improve your financial situation and provides advice on creating wealth and income. The second is a monthly newsletter that enhances the material found in Mind Secrets Exposed, ranging from scientific articles discussing the brain, to biographies of famous figures in history and how the reader can learn from these shining examples.
Success Monthly also comes with a coaching system that provides an in-depth guide on enhancing success and becoming more productive, efficient and effective. The coaching system comes in video format and consists of a definitive guide on becoming an achiever in a direct, easily understandable manner.

The newsletter is made available for those who become members, which requires paying a monthly fee. For those who might think that this is too much of an investment, buying Mind Secrets Exposed gives you the first month for free, allowing you access to the newsletter and letting you judge its worth for yourself. I heartily recommend becoming a member, as the newsletter contains valuable information and content that cannot be found elsewhere.

In short, Mind Secrets Exposed, and all of the supplementary materials that come with it, is one of the few books available that truly explore the depths of the mind and provides effective techniques on using its full power. For its incredibly affordable price, Mind Secrets Exposed is a valuable resource that cannot be overlooked. I recommend this book 100% and suggest you get your copy as soon as possible.

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Self Love- Self Worth- Self Empowerment! You Can Do It YOURSELF!!!

I have the power to change what I believe.  

I recognize the impact my beliefs have on how I feel and behave. Believing something about a situation determines how events progress. What I think and feel about another person affects how I relate to that person. My beliefs in myself determine how I perform.

However, I can choose what I believe. If I want to see a situation differently, I have the power to do so.

My beliefs are particularly important when I am relating to others. If I believe a person has certain qualities, then I assume I know how they think and act. But when I change my mind about someone, I see the person differently, often for the better. I am free to determine what I believe about someone.

My beliefs about myself determine my level of confidence. Whether I am beginning a new project, attending a social event, or experiencing changes in a personal relationship, how my life progresses is largely determined by what I believe. And I am blessed with the power to change how I see things.

Knowing I can change what I believe brings success into my life. Inside myself, I make a decision about what I think is true. But if I observe factors that do not coincide with my beliefs, I change how I view other people and situations based on this new information.

Today, I plan to embrace my power to change my beliefs. I can alter those beliefs that ultimately result in less than ideal situations, relationships, or behavior.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    Do I have the power to change my beliefs?
2.    What is a particular assumption that hinders me?
3.    How can I create more success by accepting my power to change my beliefs?

Kandayia ‘JagudEye’ Ali

Saturday, March 8, 2014

9 Little-Known Habits of Confident People - Susie Moore

"With confidence, you have won before you have started." -- Marcus Garvey
Confidence is often the single differentiator between people who get what they want and people who don't. Those who think and believe they can do something -- run a marathon, start an entrepreneurial venture, ask someone out (and have them say yes), win a competitive promotion, fit into their pre-pregnancy jeans, build a fun social circle, well... they do it.
Our mind is a very powerful tool, and the impact of our thoughts and words cannot be underestimated. Our thoughts create our emotions. Our emotions create our actions. Our actions create our life. Confident people have greater control over their minds and have tuned their mental station to one of "I can."
Here are nine things that confident people do that you can apply to your life:
1. Do not overcomplicate. You want something? Great! Create a plan to make it yours. Keep your eye on the prize and do not get distracted by other peoples noise or by your own ability to over-think.
2. Focus on what you want. Confident people keep a positive vision in mind of the future. They expect good things to happen to them, and as a result they do, as expectation is a very powerful force.
3. Act as if it's already yours. People who are self-assured allow their language and actions to be in line with their outcome. This inspires confidence in others.
4. Use words with intention. Consider the difference with two people discussing their new blog. One could be, "Yes, I am a blogger. You like vintage purses too? Awesome! We must connect -- check out the new images I posted at..." vs. "Well, I am trying to blog but am not sure I am doing it right (nervous laugh)." Who do you think gets the most views and shares?
5. Listen but don't pay heed to others' opinions. Other people are well meaning and sometimes err on the side of caution. Confident people listen to other people but do not let their difference of perspective take them off track. It's your life!
6. Dedicate time to what matters. Confident people are happy to say no to things to make sure they have time and energy for their priorities. Funnily enough, people treat them with more respect as a result.
7. Act humble. Confident types don't talk endlessly about their successes. I was once at a large corporate event and I was speaking to an outgoing and likeable woman who said she "worked in publishing." I found out later that evening that she was the editor-in-chief of one New York's most influential magazines. Confident people let their success speak for itself and don't need to vocalize it.
8. Know failure is sometimes inevitable and don't fear it. Worrying about failure can keep us from doing anything at all. Confident people are still confident even when they fail. When the chips are down they know it will pass.
9. Repeat all of the above! Confidence building takes a lifetime. The more we practice confidence as an attitude, the easier it becomes.
The most successful and happy people are not born the most rich, beautiful or talented. They just believe in themselves and go for what they want. Confidence is also a highly attractive quality in others as we all secretly aspire to have more self-assurance. "I can" and "I can't" thoughts create very different emotional spirals, as the mind is very obedient and follows whichever path we direct it. Which do you choose?
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