Thursday, March 13, 2014

When To Multi-task & When Your Focus NEEDS FOCUS! - By Kandayia Ali


Have you ever heard of the ‘Muti-tasking virus’? Did even you know that scientific studies show that checking your email while performing another creative task decreases your IQ IN THAT MOMENT- by 10 points? That is equivalent of not sleeping for a total of 36 hours; and it also has twice the effect of smoking marijuana on a person’s mental state. Are you with me yet? Stay focused long enough to keep reading and this should article should help...

Okay.....LET'S MOVE ON....


Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, you will produce your BEST RESULTS when you are able to consistently focus on the HIGHEST PRIORITY ACTIVITIES IN YOUR LIFE. Know when you must detatch from ALL DISTRACTIONS in order to handle the important matters in your life FIRST. Sometimes this requires removing yourself ‘physically’ from others in order to gain the peace of mind it takes to actually work on your goals. Shut off your cell, no phone calls, no emails, no facebook or other social network alerts, no daily distractions that usually occur in our everyday lives that would ‘slow up’ the forward movement in goal achievement. Instead find ‘your center’- go to the library, your secret place to think and work or even the house of someone who ‘gives you the space and encouragement to create’. These are places to relocate to when you’re at a vital stage of life planning, no matter what kind it is. The objective is to be able to ‘breathe’ when you need to put a large amount of focus factor towards any plan for your life’s journey.



Discipline is the KEY ingredient to ALL FORMS OF SUCCESS. The more you stray away from useless and inopportune scenarios in your life, you have then increased your chances of being the best at what you do. Having the discipline it takes to achieve a goal- means training yourself to perceive your life differently. You begin to see your accomplishments as a way of empowering yourself to have a life of more freedom and free will to do other things. FUN THINGS! If you are all over the place with your thoughts and life patterns, you tend to put the wrong things into perspective first and will always end up on the losing end. Once you have set your list of plans for your life based on their importance, you find that it takes less time to meet or even exceed those goals, with more than enough time to spare. Do what the hell you want then. (smile) It’s your time to unwind and re-engage socially with others around you. The word DISCIPLINE to some means ‘oh hell- I have to be put on a no frills ride without a scenic view’. This is totally contrary to discipline’s purpose in our lives. Once discipline is placed in our lives, we can potentially ‘see’ an opportunity in all things and also in our spare time- research and find new and exciting things to do. Once you have your current life under control, you can then add to the already cool mixture of yourself-- new and often creatively extreme things. 


What is the one thing out of six human faculty characteristics that could totally cripple any ideas a person may have? A MAN’S WILLPOWER. Yes, your lack of WILL or WILL POWER can damage your chances of success on every level. Your will is the ability to sustain focus on one item at a time and to remain with it until the item has come to a full success in YOUR life. Like wanting to take Spanish- you know that you want to do it- hell, you’ve signed up for the classes. Then as Spanish gets easier, you ‘feel’ like you need more of a challenge and then decide to take on a French class. The objective should have been to MASTER the Spanish class FIRST- no matter how easy it seemed. After that has been done, then become a master in French. Now, you’re stuck with two sets of homework, constant studying for tests and French has become more difficult to take on due to Spanish finals. See how you just made your own life- hmmmm difficult? Now comes the frustration and constant thoughts on quitting because you don’t really have the time to put in the work it takes master both at once. 

In all decision making, YOU MUST PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY. Never look at new goals that you set as ‘easy breezy’ but as time consumers that you may not have the time for -- at the time. Even though Spanish is a breeze for you now, use the spare time you have to go ahead of the class a little or use the spare time left in your day to reward yourself for being such a bright student. Find a new spot to hang out with your friends, you know LIVE a little! The key is to BALANCE the WILL POWER mechanism inside of you. Not over burden yourself for no reason and find yourself out of balance and over-stressed in your life. Your WILL is a mental muscle that you must grow and strengthen. Always make sure you’re at a healthy balance in your life to achieve this. Just as if you were working out to strengthen body- your will needs proper nourishment and downtime. You don’t LIVE AT THE GYM- so shouldn’t live at your job or become so overly obsessed with a goal being reached that you forget that you need to break away for family time, a date night, a brisk walk in the park or the beach, to play your favorite video game for a ‘couple’ hours or to explore yourself for new discoveries.

SQUIRREL!?!?! Oh, false alarm. I must be distracted...



Distraction is a self-inflicted form of destructive behavior. When wanting to focus on any goal- all things that aren’t important to the task at hand should be eliminated. Whatever you need to focus on at that moment should be your only priority. Not every moment of your life- but just for the time you have allotted to work towards goal achievement. Don’t feel bad if you can’t take that call, or text back, or read the email I sent you-- do that in your spare time. Those who are goal oriented just as yourself will understand and even share an encouraging word because they UNDERSTAND what it takes to be the best in order to achieve success!

Pace yourself, because if you’re anything like me- going hard for two hours straight without my mind going astray seemed almost impossible at first. I was just ‘tempted’ to do things all the time. Right in the middle of a project - I’d want to play therapist and resolve every issue my children had or play referee over senseless bickering; go and check my inbox or see who ‘liked’ my posts for the day; to even check to see what someone else posted or tagged me in was BAD a habit of mine. When in actuality, none of that mattered at the time. Meeting my goal’s end is, was and should have always been most important. I recommend that you take a block of 30 minutes a day for a week, for those who have the discipline and focus issues as I did. After a week, add an extra 15 minutes a week until you can put in all the time necessary to accomplish your goal without self-inflicted distraction-based behavior. The only multi-tasking I’d encourage is in your spare time, try to learn how to pat the top of your head and rub your stomach at the same while chewing gum and talking on your cellphone. Once you’ve mastered that- find out more about yourself and your endless capabilities!

Enjoy Your Journey!!!
Kandayia Ali  -  ONE SKY

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